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Tabletop Book Box

Why upgrade your reading experience?

  1. Fun book-related items to engage the reader

  2. Parent reading guide to make reading more fun

  3. Additional creative and comprehension activities

  4. Special toy to enhance the experience

Dive into our Tabletop Book Box and give your storytime a fun twist. Think of it as picking out a new book, but with a bonus. You get to choose the book you love, and then, with a quick click on the dropdown menu, you decide how much extra fun you want to add to your reading experience. Each box comes packed with fun activities and neat bookish items that make reading together even more enjoyable. Let's make reading something your child looks forward to, with surprises that make each book feel like a new discovery.

Choose Your Experience

1. Select your book

3. Add to Cart/ Check out.

4. Get Your Experience Delivered to You

Change Your

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