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Linda Pistun

Meet Linda Pistun: best-selling author, renowned science communicator, national STEM champion, and the visionary behind the nonprofit, Linda's Lab.


Linda's making headlines everywhere – from PBS to The Jennifer Hudson Show and numerous news outlets nationwide. Since her book, Linda has been using her nonprofit to speak at schools, donate mealworm tanks to classrooms, and is on her way to creating mealworm bars to end world hunger.


By supporting Linda, you can change the world too!

Linda Pistun, child prodigy and science enthusiast, proudly holding 'Linda and the Mysterious Footprints,' inspiring readers



Linda and the Mysterious Footprints


Unbox the magic of reading & science with this Book Box! Perfect for sparking joy & curiosity in young minds.

Each box is packed with:
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Science activity book

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Our Book Box is crafted to ignite a lifelong love for reading. Inspire your child's reading adventure today!

Linda's Lab is dedicated to nurturing future scientists and explorers. With a dynamic approach to science education, Linda's Lab emphasizes hands-on learning and enjoyment. 


Linda introduces students to scientific principles in a captivating and interactive manner by providing mealworm kits to local schools. With aspirations to extend the distribution of these educational kits globally, Linda's Lab is on a mission to enhance science education worldwide.

Linda envisions leveraging the nonprofit to develop mealworm bars as part of its expansion to address global hunger issues. Linda's Lab also offers enriching educational seminars and provides autographed copies of Linda's book via her website, ensuring enthusiasts have direct access to her insights and discoveries.

All proceeds of Linda's book and her speaking engagements go back to supporting the Nonprofit. 

Your support enables Linda's Lab to continue delivering valuable resources to both students and educators, fostering a broader impact on science education and humanitarian efforts.

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