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Tabletop Publishing

From Passion to Purpose, Igniting the Joy of Reading

In the spring of 2020, amidst the global challenges of a pandemic, Tabletop Publishing was born out of the shared vision and dedication of two devoted mothers and educators, Kate Kropp and Jessica Senesac. Their journey began with a simple yet powerful mission: to light the spark of learning and reading in children's hearts. Armed with their experience in education and fueled by their experiences as mothers and former English Language Arts teachers, Kate and Jessica set out to create a world rich in books, journals, and educational activities that resonate with young minds.


At the core of Tabletop Publishing lies an extensive collection of digital learning materials and immersive projects. Each piece is carefully crafted to foster a genuine love for learning, designed not just to educate but to captivate. For teachers and homeschooling parents, our personalized instructional insights provide invaluable support, creating vibrant learning environments where students lead their educational journey.

Join the Reading Revolution at Tabletop Publishing

Joyful Reading for Every Child: From tiny tots to teens, we turn reading into an exciting journey!

  • For the Modern Educator & Parent: Explore our collection of engaging books and creative resources that inspire and teach.

  • Explore, Imagine, Thrive: Each book is a new adventure, fostering curiosity and critical thinking in readers of all ages.

  • Closing the Reading Gap: Our goal? To see every child fall in love with reading!

Kate and Jessica, drawing from their time in secondary education, recognized a critical challenge: many young learners were disengaging from reading, often due to reading difficulties and a lack of relatable content. This growing gap in reading proficiency among children became a central focus for Tabletop Publishing. Our approach is straightforward yet profoundly effective: offer literature that not only captivates children's imaginations but also provides real-world learning opportunities, all without the pressure that often accompanies traditional reading methods.


Our commitment at Tabletop Publishing is all-encompassing, embracing children of all ages and backgrounds, with a special focus on the neurodiverse community. We believe in creating reading materials that not only ignite creativity but also bring pure joy to the reading experience.


While we started modestly, every day brings new opportunities to deliver content that resonates deeply with children, content that parents and educators can enthusiastically embrace. Our journey has been one of continuous growth and dedication to bridging the reading gap.

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Initially founded as Tabletop Teaching LLC, a resource store for teachers, we quickly realized the need to extend our reach to parents, helping them foster reading skills in their children from a younger age. In 2022, we welcomed our first author, marking a significant expansion in our mission. Now, with a team of talented authors, editors, and illustrators, Tabletop Publishing stands as a beacon in the world of children's literature, steadfast in our goal to reignite the thrill of reading in young hearts.


We warmly invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, to witness our evolution, and share in our unwavering commitment to making the joys of reading accessible to all children. Under the guidance of Jessica and Kate, Tabletop Publishing continues to illuminate the path of literacy for young readers, from their very first steps to the threshold of adulthood.

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