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Premium Educators
Book Box

Why upgrade your reading experience?

  1. Hardcover book for the teacher

  2. Full week of lesson plans that align with the themes and messages in the story

  3. Hardcopy activities with licensing

  4. Class set of printed activity books themed to the story

  5. Class set of bookmarks 

Introducing our Premium Educators Box, the ultimate resource for teachers looking to enrich their classroom reading experience and bring literature to life. This meticulously curated box is designed to support educators by providing comprehensive, engaging materials that align with the themes and messages of the chosen book. Here’s what makes the Premium Educators Box an essential tool for every teacher: 1. Hardcover Book for the Teacher: Begin with a beautiful, durable hardcover edition of the selected story, perfect for reading aloud to the class and for planning lessons. This book is chosen for its rich narrative and the valuable lessons it imparts, promising to be a hit with students. 2. Full Week of Lesson Plans: Save time and inspire your students with a week's worth of lesson plans. These plans are crafted to align with the book's themes, designed to provoke thought, discussion, and a deeper understanding of the material. Each plan includes objectives, activities, and discussion points, making your teaching experience as rewarding as possible. 3. Hardcopy Activities with Licensing: Enjoy a set of hardcopy activities specifically developed to complement the story. These resources come with the licensing rights to copy and reuse in your classroom year after year, offering a sustainable teaching solution that grows with your teaching journey. 4. Class Set of Printed Activity Books: Engage every student with their own themed activity book. These books are filled with puzzles, projects, and questions that relate directly to the story, enhancing comprehension and enjoyment. It’s a hands-on way to deepen the connection between your students and the reading material. 5. Class Set of Bookmarks: Encourage your students’ reading adventures with beautifully designed bookmarks for the whole class. These bookmarks aren’t just practical; they’re keepsakes that remind your students of the stories they’ve explored and the lessons they’ve learned. The Premium Educators Box is more than just a teaching aid; it’s a catalyst for curiosity, a bridge to critical thinking, and a treasure trove of educational enrichment. Designed with the needs of educators and students in mind, it’s the perfect companion for any classroom looking to foster a love of reading, discussion, and discovery. Elevate your teaching experience and make every reading session an adventure with our Premium Educators Box.

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