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Deluxe Book Box

Why upgrade your reading experience?

  1. Fun book-related items to engage the reader

  2. Parent reading guide to make reading more fun

  3. Additional creative and comprehension activities

  4. Special toy to enhance the experience

  5. Fidget Toy for added engagement and focus

  6. Bonus activities to further the experience

  7. Journal to enhance writing skills

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Why settle for just reading when you can make it an adventure? That’s exactly what you get with our Deluxe Book Box. It’s not just a box; it's a treasure chest of wonders designed to turn reading time into an unforgettable journey of exploration and fun. Here’s what makes the Deluxe upgrade a must-have for your little reader: 1. Bookmarks and Stickers: Dive into every book with colorful bookmarks that beckon you back to the page you left off. And with our whimsical stickers, your child can personalize their reading space, books, or even create their own story scenes. 2. Parent Reading Guide: Ever wonder how to make reading more impactful? Our guide offers tips and tricks on engaging your child more deeply with each story, turning reading time into quality bonding time. 3. Plushie: Nothing says cozy reading like cuddling up with a plushie from the story. It’s a soft, snuggly companion that brings the book’s characters to life, right in your child's arms. 4. Bonus Toy: The surprises keep coming with an extra toy that complements the theme of the book, adding another layer of interaction and play to your child’s reading experience. 5. Journal: Encourage reflection and creativity with a journal where your child can scribble down their thoughts, draw scenes from the story, or document their own adventures. 6. Fidget Toy: Keep those little hands busy with a fidget toy that helps improve concentration and focus, making reading time more productive and calming. 7. Activity Booklet: Filled with puzzles, games, and challenges, our booklet ties back to the book’s theme, reinforcing the story and its lessons in a fun, engaging way. 8. Additional Activity Pages: More fun, more learning with extra pages that offer new activities, drawing more connections to the story and its characters. Upgrading to our Deluxe Book Box means transforming reading from a solitary activity into an immersive, interactive experience. It’s about making memories, sparking creativity, and fostering a lifelong love for reading. Let's make every story come alive in a way that lights up your child's imagination and curiosity.

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