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Standard Story Packs

What do you get in a StoryPack?

  1. Additional items that engage the reader.

  2. Parent reading guide to make reading more fun


Our StoryPacks are ingeniously crafted to transform reading into an adventure that's both enjoyable and immersive. Imagine offering your child the magic of a book, enriched with a treasure trove of extras—all for the price of a single book. Each StoryPack includes beautifully designed bookmarks that double as gateways into the story's universe, vibrant stickers to decorate and bring the story to life off the page, and a comprehensive parent guide. This guide is a valuable tool, meticulously developed to help you make reading sessions more engaging, interactive, and effective for your child. It's more than just a reading experience; it's a journey into imagination and learning that you and your child can embark on together, making every StoryPack an investment in joy and learning.

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