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The Power Of Audiobooks: How They Help Struggling Readers

Access to books is critical for academic success and general literacy, but not all children have the same opportunities to develop these skills. Children who struggle with reading often have difficulty accessing grade-level texts, which can impede their ability to learn at the same pace as their peers.

audiobooks and how they help struggling readers girl listening to a book

Audiobooks can level the playing field for struggling readers, providing them with the ability to listen to and follow along with texts that are otherwise inaccessible. In addition, audiobooks can help to build essential reading skills and improve comprehension.

Most importantly, audiobooks can give struggling readers the confidence boost they need to stick with reading. Listening to a book being read aloud can help children follow the plot and orient themselves within the story. This can be a valuable tool for kids who are working to improve their reading skills.

Audiobooks can be found for free or at a low cost from many sources, including public libraries and online retailers. They are a great way to provide struggling readers with the support they need to improve their skills and enjoy reading.

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