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Sink or Swim: Interactive Poetry for Kids Online: A Mouse Tails Story Series

Immerse yourself in the charming world of "Interactive Poetry for Kids Online" with Tabletop Publishing and Alisha Burton's latest series, "A Mouse Tails Story." Created for delightful storytime sessions, these interactive poems are accompanied by engaging activities designed to captivate young minds. Get ready for a whimsical and wonderful journey as we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable story time experience.

Trevor the Mouse Online Short stories for kids

Mouse Tails: The Adventures of Trevor

Story #3 Sink or Swim

Written and Illustrated by Alisha Burton

One very hot summer day, Trevor met up with his friends by the banks of the river. The water was cool and refreshing, and as his friends splashed about and played in the water, Trevor could only wade around in the shallowest part.

You see, he hadn’t yet learned to swim. 

“You guys, come back over here! “he called out as his friends floated further downstream.

They couldn’t hear him over all the fun they were having. A  beaver heard him, though, and paddled over to where Trevor was standing. He was ankle deep and all alone.

“What’s the matter, friend?” The beaver inquired.

Trevor confessed he hadn’t learned to swim. And now, he was not only very hot but was also missing out on the fun his friends were having in the river. The beaver kindly offered, "I could teach you to swim!"

Trevor eagerly accepted.

He took off his vest and went deeper into the river with the beaver by his side. His heart started beating faster and faster. He felt afraid and quickly started regretting his eager response. The beaver sensed Trevor’s trepidation.

He explained, "Learning to swim may be hard, and you may be feeling nervous. But, not being able to swim is also very hard. So, which hard thing do you prefer? To swim or not to swim…" 

It took all summer long, and it was very difficult at times, but the beaver was a patient teacher and Trevor was determined. 

Trevor had chosen to swim. And eventually, he did!


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