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The One Book Every Military Child Needs

Updated: May 7, 2022

Buster Brown to the Rescue!

Every child who has a military parent(s), has access to a large number of books about handling deployments or living apart from their military parent. What was missing from the current books available, are books about moving from home to home every 3 to 4 years; until now. “Buster Brown Moves From Town to Town” is just that, for kids who are moving from town to town their whole lives to follow their military parent(s) around the U.S. and sometimes around the world.

Buster Brown Moves from Town to Town

Here’s the one book every military child needs on their shelf, “Buster Brown Moves From Town to Town”, written by military spouse Jessica Senesac.

At one point author, Jessica Senesac, and her family were only at a duty station for a year before uprooting again to a new state, and a new home. As a mother and military spouse, she knew it was important to write a book that helps military kids deal with this big change.

By using Buster, their family pet, as the main character and following his story as they move from one home to the next, children can relate to the message while learning something at the same time. Buster shows the kids that it’s okay to be sad or feel scared about the changes that come with moving. He also shows them that there are good things about moving too! Not all of it is so bad and scary. This is Buster’s true story about his life as a military pet, moving to six different homes throughout his 11 years of life.

Official Booking Reading of “Buster Brown Moves From Town to Town”, use alongside your hard copy of the book, and talk about the joys and stresses of moving with your child.

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