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Now entering its second year in the North American market, SpeakSuite continues raising the bar for speech therapy support services. SpeakSuite, which launched its innovative platform to support speech therapy treatment in 2022, is proud to announce the release of its first major platform update. Following on the heels of a rebrand and the appointment of a new CEO earlier this summer, these developments revamp the user experience and lay the groundwork for a period of rapid expansion.


SpeakSuite allows speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to quickly and easily create fully customized home-practice programs for children with speech-sound disorders. Patients enjoy a gamified practice experience using the SpeakSuite app, and recorded practice sessions are instantly available for both patients and SLPs to review — creating a virtuous circle of practice and improvement and helping those needing speech therapy services progress more quickly.

The new platform is even easier thanks to the speech therapy innovator SpeakSuite.

SpeakSuite is now making it even easier to get on board: the platform update released today adds APIs into its enterprise-grade SaaS, enabling clients — from schools to hospitals to private clinics — to easily and seamlessly integrate SpeakSuite into their patient-management, student-management, and billing systems.

Today, SpeakSuite is also available to SLPs on all web browsers and devices, empowering them to support their patients more easily, even on the go. Patient access has also improved with the release of SpeakSuite for Chromebooks and the existing apps for Android tablets and iOS.

Along with an improved UX and new customization features, these expansions solidify SpeakSuite's position as a tech leader in the speech therapy space.

"SpeakSuite launched with the dream of democratizing access to speech-language support services, which millions of people need but cannot currently find," said SpeakSuite CEO Eli Singer. "With APIs that allow seamless integration into existing systems, and client-driven platform enhancements, we're now positioned to start making that dream a reality."

The platform upgrade is available to enterprise clients immediately and will be released to all users on September 25.

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SpeakSuite is a mission-driven digital health company that creates apps and services to improve the end-to-end process of speech therapy and increase access to care for people with speech-sound disorders. Its groundbreaking technology became commercially available in 2022, after five years of research and development and a further year of testing by dozens of language speech-language pathologists (SLPs).


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