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Social Emotional Learning and Sadness for Ages 2-6

Updated: May 7, 2022

Author Jessica Senesac created “When I’m Feeling Blue”, to provide kids with professional mental health approved tools when handling grief and sadness.

Watch this book reading video with your child. Then, follow the steps to teach your little ones tools for handling sadness.

During the reading of “When I’m Feeling Blue”, pause and take moments to discuss times your child has felt sad. Explain that it’s okay to feel sad.

There’s always a reason and even adults need to let themselves be sad sometimes.

You can also talk about specific times your child was sad, hurt, or grieving.

Then talk about what helped them feel better.

After reading, discuss the questions at the end of the book.

Taking the time to read to your child about big feelings, is important for normalizing those uncomfortable feelings. Make this a part of your daily conversations, when it applies.

Validating feelings helps your child understand their feelings aren’t bad.

Understanding this concept will help your children become healthy, well-adjusted adults. Adults who don’t beat themselves up when they have negative feelings.

Try the free download below with your kids to improve their social emotional health.

Social Emotional Learning Activities

For children who can draw and/or write, use the journal pages below. These journal pages give children an outlet. And allow your kids to deepen their understanding of handling their sadness.

When I' m Feeling Blue Journal Dino (1)
Download PDF • 1.24MB

If your children loved the book reading video, support the author by getting your own copy. Proceeds go toward providing kids with social emotional learning tools, building their literacy, and increasing language development.

Upon request, the author will sign the books. Simply add "Signed Book" to the field for "Company Name" at checkout. To add a request with the child’s or children’s name(s): type the name(s) into the “Company Name” section as well.

Send in pictures of your children reading the book and completing their journals pages to These images may get featured on the Tabletop or Author’s social media pages!


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