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Simple Social Emotional Learning Classroom Activities for Sadness

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Kids going through lots of change act out, trying to do little things to gain control in their lives. Sometimes that looks like refusal to work or do activities they don’t want to, complaining about their stomach hurting, or not being kind to others. These behaviors can stem from too much change in their lives, feelings of sadness or hurt. Let’s dive into some tools that teach your learners what do to when they’re feeling sad.

Our Book Recommendations for Grades PK-2

“When I’m Feeling Blue” is written with tools that help with day to day sadness, as well as grief. It normalizes sadness, teaching children sadness a feeling we all have and need to feel sometimes. Watch the Book Reading below with your class, after doing a group discussion about a time they felt sad. Then do the activities that follow the reading. Enjoy the free journal and poster download below.

Pre-Discussion Questions

  1. When was a time you felt sad?

  2. What did you do when you were sad?

  3. How did you help yourself feel better?

  4. Why do you think we feel sad sometimes?

  5. Is sadness important?

  6. How do you think sadness could be helpful?

Post-Discussion Questions

  1. What did you learn about feeling blue or sad?

  2. Is there something you want to try the next time you’re feeling sad?

  3. Do you think that feeling sad is your body’s way of trying to help you feel better?

  4. Is it okay to let yourself feel sad?

  5. What is your favorite thing to do with you’re feeling blue?

Downloadable Activities and Poster

When I' m Feeling Blue Journal Dino (1)
Download PDF • 1.24MB

Download PDF • 2.28MB

Print the journal or upload into the SeeSaw App (or similiar platform to be edited digitally). You can give students one page to complete per day or allow them to work on multiple pages at once. Allow time to review their journals when they are feeling blue, at a time that is appropriate.

Print and laminate the poster. When one of your scholars is having a hard time with sadness, allow them to go to the poster and choose an option that will help them feel better. Place in a corner of the classroom where they can have a moment. Maybe this is also the reading corner, or a dedicated calming corner.

More Tools for Your Classroom

If you love the poster download, you can download the entire “How I’m Feeling” Bundle, now available on TpT. You will receive an entire set of posters, journals, and discussion questions related to different feelings. Each poster will go well in your calming corner, and help with classroom management as well.

Set Up An Author Reading

Author, Jessica Senesac, does virtual and in person booking readings of “When I’m Feeling Blue”. You can book a FREE author visit on our Services page!

If you and your students loved the video book reading of “When I’m Feeling Blue”, be sure to support the author by getting a copy book!

In the “Company Name” section you can request a signed copy of the book, be sure to name who you want the book signed to. Don't forget use your EDU10 discount code to receive your discount at checkout!

Let us know how helpful this SEL tools lesson was in your classroom! Send us a message or leave a comment. Tag us on social media with an pictures of you and your class doing our activities. We would love to connect with you!


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