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New Educator SEL Resource for Elementary Classrooms

Updated: May 7, 2022

“Logan Loses Her Cool” written by Randii Smith is one book teachers can benefit from in the classroom. Students can relate to Logan as she becomes frustrated and need her best friend Lucky, the Great Dane, to teach her how to handle her frustration.

Smith has created some exceptional resources for educators to use in the classroom which pair with the book. You can find free printable activities, like the one below, on the Logan and Lucky website.

Pair “Logan Loses Her Cool” with your usual SEL books and lessons. It’s the perfect book for discussing anger and what to do when we’re mad. Your students will fall in love with Lucky and listen to his tips for social emotional learning.

Check out this special read aloud of “Logan Loses Her Cool”, and use the opening discussion with your class to begin talking about big feelings. You can pause the video to allow your scholars to take turn answering the questions posed in the video. Or better yet, you can book the author herself to do a virtual reading for your class!


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