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Meet the Author: Chris Ruter Author of "Your Own Little World" Shares His Publishing Journey

Chris Ruter is an author who released his book, Your Own Little World, in 2022. This book takes readers on a journey of imagination, inviting them to create their own worlds with the help of prompts provided in the book. Ruter hopes that his readers will be able to enjoy the book over and over again, coming up with new and exciting worlds each time. He hopes his book helps parents engage with their children to develop creativity and maybe even create a world themselves.

Ruter's inspiration for the book was ignited by his daughters, who he would make stories for. As they grew older, they helped make their own stories. The rough draft of Your Own Little World was created so he could have one of his stories on the shelf alongside all the others they shared. Now that his daughters are too old to make up stories with him, Ruter decided to share his creations with the rest of the world.

The post-writing process is always a challenge, finding an agent or publisher, and learning the trick to marketing and social media can often frustrate new authors. But Ruter kept working through the struggle, bringing this wonderfully engaging story to children everywhere!

Ruter's wife was a significant source of inspiration and support throughout his journey. She stood by him through the difficult times and encouraged him during the good ones. Ruter considers her to be his rock in everything he does.

Chris Ruter experiences of making up stories with his daughters inspired the book, and he hopes that parents will use it as an opportunity to engage with their children and help them develop their creativity. Despite the challenges he faced, Ruter found inspiration in sharing his stories with other children and the support of his wife. Your Own Little World is a testament to the power of imagination and the joy of storytelling.

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