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Logan Loses Her Cool: An SEL Masterpiece

Updated: May 7, 2022

When a child can see themselves in a book, an author has truly done their job. Randii Smith has done just that. She’s created relatable characters with big feelings, feelings every child goes through. She’s a homeschooling mom, former elementary educator, and published author. Her personal experiences have influenced her writing to create stories kids love.

“Logan Loses Her Cool” is a visually engaging children’s book, with tools to help children identify and handle their feelings in a healthy way. Danny A. Rojas has delivered brilliant illustrations that capture the emotions of children from across the globe. His work on humanizing, Lucky, a Great Dane is absolutely incredible and lovably humorous.

When Logan loses her cool, her best pal, Lucky, is there to help. Lucky, teaches her different ways to handle her meltdown. Together they can get through anything.

The use of having a beloved pet teaching those social emotional tools, is nothing short of genius. Kids love animals. In books, kids are more likely to listen to an animal’s advice over an adult human. Our own children here at Tabletop were so engaged with the story, they wanted to read it again and again. They absolutely love getting helpful ideas from Lucky, and talking about times they felt like Logan.

As you read through the book, the structure lends itself perfectly for taking time to teach your children healthy social emotional learning skills.

We highly recommend this book for both it’s engaging story, and the incredibly fun activities found at the end of the book.

Author Randii Smith

Illustrator Danny A. Rojas

Book An Author Reading

Allow the magic of “Logan Loses Her Cool” to come into your classroom. Book a reading with author Randii Smith. Enjoy a fun, interactive 30 minute session students are sure to never forget. Get free printable activities that pair with the books and teach social emotional learning along the way. For more details visit the Logan and Lucky website.

You can follow the author on Instagram at or @loganandlucky


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