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Katy on Broadway: A Charming Tale of Courage and Pursuing Dreams

Note: This blog article is a delightful exploration of the chapter book "Katy on Broadway," the first installment in the captivating "Kitty in the City" series. Written and illustrated by the talented Ella English, this heartwarming story is perfect for children aged 5 to 7 (grades 1-2). So, let's dive into the enchanting world of Katy the singing cat and discover the valuable messages it holds for both children and parents about courage and pursuing dreams.

courage and pursuing dreams

Do you believe in the power of dreams? The kind that makes your heart soar and sets your paws tapping to your own unique rhythm? Well, Katy, the charming feline protagonist in "Katy on Broadway," certainly does! Authored by the talented Ella English, this endearing chapter book takes young readers on an adventure-filled journey through the bustling streets of New York City.

Katy is no ordinary cat. She has an extraordinary talent for singing, and her passion for it knows no bounds. Every day, she practices her melodic scales with dedication and determination. But, alas, not everyone shares her enthusiasm. Gerry the squirrel and her owner, Lillian, doubt Katy's singing prowess and fear for her safety in the big city. However, Katy is ready to prove them wrong and chase her dreams, come what may!

On a fateful day, Katy seizes the opportunity to escape her yard and embarks on a thrilling quest to the dazzling streets of New York City. But as she ventures into this vast and unfamiliar place, fear and loneliness quickly creep in. Lost and uncertain, our brave little kitty wonders how she will find her way and if she truly has what it takes to become a superstar.

courage and pursuing dreams

The Magic of Courage and Pursuing Dreams in Books for Kids

The magic of "Katy on Broadway" lies in its uplifting messages for children. The story encourages young readers to pursue their passions relentlessly, regardless of what others may say. Through Katy's journey, children learn the importance of self-belief and perseverance. After all, it's not about being the best; it's about embracing what brings you joy and expressing yourself with wholehearted enthusiasm.

As parents, we play a vital role in nurturing our children's creativity. "Katy on Broadway" sends a powerful message to parents, urging them to foster an environment where children feel free to explore and express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism. Encouraging their unique talents and interests is crucial in helping them grow into confident individuals who are unafraid to chase their dreams.

So, what inspired Ella English to create this delightful tale? It was none other than her charming black and white tuxedo cat, Mouse! Just like Katy, Mouse has a knack for melodious meowing and a knack for capturing attention. Drawing inspiration from her beloved feline companion, Ella weaves a story that resonates with both children and adults alike.

courage and pursuing dreams

The journey of creating "Katy on Broadway" was not without its challenges for Ella. One of the most demanding aspects was finding the right publisher. Navigating the intricate world of submissions and enduring rejections can be disheartening. However, Ella's perseverance and patience paid off when she discovered her perfect match: Crimson Dragon Publishing. Working closely with the publisher, she was able to bring her story to life with vibrant illustrations and a beautifully crafted narrative.

Throughout her journey, Ella found unwavering support and inspiration from her two daughters. Their encouragement to pursue her dream as a children's book author and illustrator was a beacon of light during the difficult times of rejection. Their belief in her talent and unwavering love fueled Ella's determination to create stories that captivate young imaginations.

In conclusion, "Katy on Broadway" is an enchanting chapter book that takes readers on an exhilarating

Excerpt from the Story:

I was running fast, not looking where I was going. I ran into a patch of fishy smelling fur. “Hey fella! Where are you going in such a hurry? You lost?”

I stepped back and looked straight into the eyes of a raggedy ginger cat with a tear in his ear.

“I’m certainly not lost!” I squeaked. I tried not to cry. I was scared that I was lost in the big city.

“I’m Weasel,” he said.

“Hi, I’m Katy Cat.”

“Pleased to meet you!”

He was nibbling at a fish skeleton. “Want some?” he said.

“No thanks,” I said. “I eat only the best cat food.”

Weasel laughed. I held up my injured tail. “A taxi driver just ran over my tail.” My bottom lip started to wobble. “And OK, yes, I’m lost!”

“Sorry to hear that.” Weasel nudged me with his nose.

I shrugged. “Still, I guess I’m lucky I haven’t been attacked by the monster squirrels and cats that roam this city.”

“Who told you that?” Weasel shook his head. “Nevermind. You sure you should be out here on your own?”

“I don’t know. It’s grimy out here. And so loud. I need to get home,” I babbled. “Do you know where Skillet Street is? I live in the house with the black railings.”

“I don’t know where that is. But look, maybe we should stick together. Things can get pretty rough out here. I can look out for you.”

“Sure,” I said, smiling at my new pal. “I’d like that.”

A dog appeared. He grabbed the fish skeleton. “Not so fast buddy!” Weasel yelled. He started to give chase. I followed behind.

More about the Author:

Ella English has been passionate about art ever since she held her first paintbrush at age three, and was encouraged by her family to pursue art ever since. She is the mother of two grown daughters who loved books, ballet and singing when they were small. She decided to start writing and illustrating books when she realized how important it was to nurture creativity in children. Her hope is that this book will encourage parents to be proud of their children’s singing, no matter what it sounds like! She lives in Baltimore with her three cats, including a singing black and white tuxedo called Mouse. This yowling kitty inspired her to write this story about a lovable New York cat who is bored with her everyday life and longs to break free and sing to an audience beyond the critters in her garden who tell her she can’t sing.


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