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How to Get Early Childhood Students to Enjoy Writing: Tips for Pre-K through Kindergarten

Updated: May 7, 2022

During this article, we will go over tips and tricks based on grade level and ability. The number one thing to keep in mind is that writing activities need to be FUN. No matter the grade, incorporate personalized learning, allowing your scholars to write about what they LOVE. No matter the age or ability, this is important. You can skip ahead to your grade level for customized tips based on what you teach.

Pre-K Writing Fun

You may see your 3 to 4-year-olds already interested in writing. One way to make writing practice fun is to pair your scholar’s interests with the letter and a coloring sheet. You can also make it into a game: Post giant letters around the room for scholars to do a “trace race”. Even if they aren’t successful, at least they’re trying and having fun. You can post a letter coloring sheet taped to a table with crayons or markers next to the large 8 x 10 letter. Do plus or minus 5 letters placed at different spots around the room.

Then, have kids take turns running and tracing each letter. Show them how you want them to trace the letter, and where to go in the race by modeling beforehand. As one finishes with one letter allow the next scholar to go. Tell them that each person that adds a new color to the letter is helping turn the letters into “rainbow” letters. They can get a prize after completing the letter tracing race. Download the free Ocean Life Activities PDF located below the “Kindergarten” tips for additional help.


You can add in the “Trace Race” from the Pre-K tips. Simply change up and customize the activity to be a sight word or similar based on what ability level your class is at.

One resource that is perfect for building a love of writing starting is the “My Little Writer’s Workbook”. It incorporates colorful images, fun activities, letter writing, drawing moments, and coloring moments. It’s perfect for young students and reluctant writers.

Little Writer’s will help with giving students options for their writing practice. We recommend adding in personalized learning with this book, allowing kids to choose their letter, and giving them a brain break as needed.

Have different themed writing sheets available for students. This way they have choices based on their interests. Giving them options in their writing activity will provide your scholars with a reason to complete the activity. You may have a dinosaur-themed prompt, a jungle prompt, and a medieval option for scholars to choose from where they draw a picture and write their story. Provide them with a clear idea of how details you want their work to be for full points.

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My Little Writer’s Workbook

Download this Fun Free Writing Activity for Pre-k-Kinder

Ocean Life Lessons and Activities
Download PDF • 13.41MB

Writing Motivation

Scholars love voice and choice in their education. Make writing part of your daily routine, allowing scholars to expect their “writing time” to happen at the same time each day. If you’re doing activities based on a theme scholars are learning about, still find ways to give them choices or make it into a game.

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One fun game is to use dice to see which letter or sight word they are writing or tracing. Once one column out of the six options is filled up, they’re done with the activity. This way they don’t have to fill the page and it’s practice based on the luck of the roll.

Making writing feel less daunting for early learners and breaking it down into simpler, short steps, will provide them with the motivation they need to try the task.

Some scholars have trouble sitting still. Allow them to stand next to their chair while they work as needed. It’s okay to make modifications on the spot for your learners. And when you see something isn’t working, change it up with a new way to accomplish the task, and try again.


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