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Fun Twitter Approved Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

Holiday Activities in the Twittersphere

This holiday season, enjoy some of our favorite holiday activities ideas we found on Twitter! This first activity is perfect for the active child. Get their energy out. Also, enjoy some holiday-themed memories. Don't want to miss these holiday activities. Thanks Twitter!

Secondly, this pick is an age-old favorite. Baking cookies of course! Who doesn't love cookies?

As a result, we can't resist adding this next Twitter approved activity.

What's another time honored tradition we're all about? Ginger bread decorating of course! Baking is fun and creates memories. Check out this next post from @SG_DunHolme. Hungry? Us too!

Next, these activities are fun arts and crafts. They also build the imagination. Learning is best done through play. And, by using creativity and the imagination. You and your family will love this next holiday activity. There's nothing better than adding learning into holiday-themed activities.

Whatever you do this season, spend it with those you love. Whether you use these activities, or come up with some of your own, have fun. Enjoy the time you share together. Happy Holidays from all of us! Thank you for reading. WE hope you enjoyed this article.

Have holiday activity suggestions? Want more like this? Let us know! Submit your ideas for next year's article. Contact us today. Go to the Tabletop Homepage and select "Contact Us". Additionally, reach out to us on social media. Links to our social media pages are located below.

More Holiday Activities from Tabletop Educators

More holiday-themed activities are available here.

Don't forget to take time to read, play, and explore. Kids will always enjoy the moment you share with them. Families, friends, and teachers play a big role in their lives. As a result, kids won't soon forget these moments you share with them. And, neither will you.


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