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Conflict Resolution Play: Free Lesson Teaching Students about Speaking out for Peace in Ukraine

Updated: May 7, 2022

Written by Paul Ruez

As a former combat correspondent and photographer in America’s war in Vietnam and a retired high school teacher, I was moved to write the attached short nonpolitical conflict resolution play in response to the death and destruction occurring in Ukraine. This play is perfect for youths and is about a 5 minute read.

Complete-Conflict Res-Make Less Hurtful Choices-The Play-
Download PDF • 683KB

I believe when “kids” spotlight proven solutions such as Conflict Resolution choices and behaviors, more people may  get the message. Take the resource about and below to create a video performance of your students. Optionally run sub titles in Russian and other languages could add significant horse power to the performance. Share your content with us, and on social media.

Rationale Behind the Play

Military strategies and tactics are one thing, but having our youth spotlight proven choices and behaviors, especially from around the world, will make a difference.

You may know people who might make this happen. Teachers and others could present this short play formally and informally…. Connecting class activities to current events in a constructive, restorative way.

Performing the play will draw positive attention to all involved. It may attract funding from concerned members of the community and teach these essential life skills.


Share this urgent message on as many stages as possible and make the message “go viral.”

“Out of the mouth of babes … hast thou ordained strength.”
Paul Ruez, M.Ed.

Share your videos, projects, websites, and any digital content related to the lesson and working toward conflict resolution in Ukraine to Tabletop would also love copies of anything you share on social media, please tag us and we will share your work!


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