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Bud E. Bunny & The Tooth Fairy by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Tabletop Teaching shares the story of how author Jace Shoemaker-Galloway came to publish Bud. E Bunny earlier this year. Bud E. Bunny & The Tooth Fairy written by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, illustrated by Merle Forman, was released this year on March 27.

The story follows Bud E. Bunny after he loses his very first tooth. "Losing a tooth can be scary and I hope this book will not only alleviate any fears they [kids] may have, but will also make them smile," Jace told Tabletop, "In my experience, children love rhyming stories and stories with animals. My book has both!"

My name is Bud E. Bunny and I love to rhyme. Why don't you come and join me if you have some time? You'll learn about the fairy who flies all around the world. She leaves special presents for the little boys and girls. So put your hands together and tap those little toes. Let's get this story started and away we go! - excerpt from Bud E. Bunny

Over the years, Jace has enjoyed working with hundreds of children of all ages – infants through college. Currently, she is working with little ones and has the opportunity to read many children’s books to them.

This marvelous story was created by both Jace and her mother, Merle Forman (88), who illustrated the story. Merle Forman is a classically trained pianist. Jace explained that her mother is not only very talented, but was also a huge inspiration to her as the writer of the book.

"I want people to know, this book was truly a labor of love between a mother and a daughter. I am so proud of this book but more importantly, so very honored to have the unique opportunity to write this book with my mom. She brought Bud E. Bunny to life." said Jace.

"My mom also illustrated our first book, “The Misadventures of Chair Head Boy” a story about a precocious little boy who finds himself in yet another predicament," said Jace. "This book was based on a true story – well, sort of – when I was working with 600 children per week at my local elementary school."

Writing and publishing books, especially children's books, can be difficult. We asked what the hardest part for Jace and her mom was.

"The writing part was easy," explained Jace. "Marketing the book – not so much."

What many may not know, after a book is published it becomes one of hundreds of thousands vying for attention. Authors wait for a parent to stumble across their book and decide to give it a try. Many smaller publishers and self-published authors struggle.

"Donating signed copies to schools and libraries and sharing on social media helps, but getting the word out to a larger audience is more difficult. This really is a cute little book," said Jace.

I know kids – and parents – will love it, if they only knew it was out there!" - Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Author Inspiration

Jace talked to us about the inspiration behind her books, "As a former freelance writer and newspaper columnist, fellow writers helped me grow as a writer along the way. I have worked with children for 15 years. They inspire me every single day. Their curiosity, honesty and the way they approach life is an amazing thing to witness. They are why I write."

Bud E. Bunny is the second children’s book written by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. Jace worked with hundreds of boys and girls over the years as a former online safety educator to help children, educators, and parents be safer online.

When it comes “write” down to it, children are the reason Jace writes. They inspire her every single day and she enjoys every minute of it!

“Bud E. Bunny & The Tooth Fairy” available on Amazon

First book – “The Misadventures of Chair Head Boy” also available on Amazon


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