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The Palosaur Tales Character Introduction: TRINA TRICERATOPS

In “The Palosaur Tales” Trina is a fun, bubbly dino, who love dancing. One day she wants to be the star of Prehistoria’s next ballet recital. She enjoys helping her friends feel better and making sure they know their worth. She can be seen around town always saying hello, and giving honest compliments to everyone she walks by.

Triceratops Facts

They were herbivores which means they ate plants, particularly low lying plants that they could reach from off bushes or on the ground. They most likely used their beak like mouths to cut off leaves and other vegetation from small trees and bushes. Much like the birds we see today. We can learn a lot about what Triceratops might have acted like by studying modern day birds and reptiles.

Triceratops is one of the most commonly found dinosaur fossils in upper North America. When first discovered, scientists thought they’d found an extinct form of bison. After much study and research later they realized what they had actually uncovered, a species of dinosaur from the ceratopsid family! Amazing!

This dinosaur is known for the three horns on its head, hence the name Triceratops; “tri” means three! And it’s known for its large bony neck frill found at the back of its head. These characteristics are believed to be what triceratops used to protect and defend itself from other dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Scientists believe Triceratops was very colorful because they discovered that there was a lot of keratin covering Triceratops’s head. Keratin is the same thing that is found covering the heads of birds today. Keratin is what our hair and nails are made from. It is also what makes up the scales on reptiles and the feathers on birds!

Color Me Smart Activity

Draw or use a coloring page of a Triceratops. Now color the picture based on the new information you learned about Triceratops. What colors do you think covered the Triceratops’s head? Send us your colored drawing to be featured on our social media pages!

Draw a REAL Triceratops
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