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Tabletop Publishing Interactive Story Books: Coming Soon

Tabletop Publishing is announcing the upcoming release of our interactive story books! Each book released by Tabletop Publishing will also have an accompanying interactive version for kids with low attention spans or struggling readers. Interactive story books are great for kids who struggle with reading, have short attention spans, or have other reading-related disabilities. They can help kids learn to pay attention, teach important messages and themes, and be creative outlets.

According to the National Education Association, the average attention span of a child is decreasing every year. This is partly due to the increase in screen time that children have. They are growing up in a world constantly bombarded with stimulation. Books need to change to be able to compete with the technology of today.

Interactive story books can help kids learn to pay attention by holding their interest. They can do this in several ways. First, they can have interactive elements, such as coloring pages, puzzles, and journal activities. This allows kids to be actively involved in the story rather than just passively reading it. Additionally, interactive storybooks often have creative writing prompts. This gets kids thinking about the story and their own creative ideas.

brother and sister at a table with dad reading and laughing with an interactive story books

Interactive storybooks are also vital because they can teach kids essential messages and themes. Many of today’s kids are growing up in a fast-paced world where they are constantly bombarded with stimulation. This can lead to shorter attention spans and a higher rate of anxiety. Books that teach kids important messages and themes can help them slow down and think about what is happening in their lives.

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