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OUTFRONT Media Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with "Pages of Hispanic Heritage"

Campaign in Partnership with Lil' Libros

OUTFRONT Media (NYSE:OUT), one of the largest out-of-home media (OOH) companies in the U.S., today announced a partnership with Lil' Libros, a literary-focused company founded by two Mexican-American moms dedicated to creating bilingual children's books that celebrate dual identities. The campaign launches to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15.

Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. OUTFRONT Media is taking a unique approach by spotlighting talented Lil' Libros authors on digitals billboards across the United States. These authors have made a significant impact by creating children's books that embrace cultural diversity and empower young readers to be proud of their heritage. The "Pages of Hispanic Heritage" campaign seeks to amplify their voices and showcase their inspiring work on a national scale. The timing of the campaign also coincides with back-to-school, further driving the relevancy and importance of young literacy.

The following Lil' Libros authors and illustrators will be featured:

  • Maria Rosana Mestre

  • Chogrin

  • Mariana Galvez

  • Melanie Romero

  • D Guzman

  • Marcela Valladolid

  • Citlali Reyes

  • Michelle Winters

  • Cris Winters

  • Heidi Moreno

  • Ellen Ochoa

  • Zaida Hernandez

  • Cynthia Gonzalez

  • Ellia Ana Hill

  • Cindy Montenegro

  • Juan Moreno

  • J de laVega

  • Jayri Gómez

  • Luis San Vicente

  • Victoria Roth

  • Nayeli Reyes

  • Patty Rodriguez

  • Ariana Stein

"We are thrilled to partner with Lil' Libros for this year's Hispanic Heritage Month campaign," said Christine Rose, West Region Senior Marketing Director & Co-Founder of OUTFRONT's 'UnidosFRONT' Employee Resource Group. "Their commitment to celebrating Hispanic heritage through children's literature aligns perfectly with our mission to connect communities and celebrate diversity through out of home advertising. We look forward to sharing the stories and creativity of these talented authors with audiences across the country."

Lil' Libros co-founders Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein expressed their excitement about the campaign, saying, "At Lil' Libros, we believe in the power of representation and storytelling. Partnering with OUTFRONT Media allows us to reach even more families, helping them embrace their dual identities and heritage. We hope these billboards inspire children and adults alike to take pride in their cultural backgrounds."

About OUTFRONT Media Inc.

OUTFRONT leverages the power of technology, location and creativity to connect brands with consumers outside of their homes through one of the largest and most diverse sets of billboard, transit, and mobile assets in North America. Through its technology platform, OUTFRONT will fundamentally change the ways advertisers engage audiences on-the-go.


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