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Merle Forman

Merle Forman: Art Inspired by Nature & Music

Rural Roots & Paint Brushes:

Merle's artistry is fueled by her classical painting skills and love for farm life in South Dakota.

Nature's Muse:

Raised amidst nature's palette, she cherishes the simplicity and beauty of rural living.

Artistic Voyage:

From Drake University to travels across the US, each place sculpted her creative vision.

Illinois Haven:

For 50 years, her farm has been a wellspring of inspiration, capturing the essence of seasons and family bonds.

Rural Reverence:

Merle's work, a tribute to farm life, blends classical elegance with keen observations of nature.

A Life on Canvas:

Her journey celebrates the land's beauty, inviting others to connect with rural tranquility through her art.

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