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Alisha Burton

Alisha: Artist & Author Weaving Magic with Words and Watercolors

Storytelling Prodigy:

Alisha's journey began with early writing success in New York, leading to a life rich in creativity.

Inspired Living in Guatemala:

Embracing adventure with her family, she finds joy in nature, culinary exploration, and learning.

Literary Legacy:

Her father's gift of 200 classics, especially "Alice in Wonderland," fuels her creative fire.

Whimsical Watercolors:

Known for "Trevor the Mouse," her art aims to inspire wonder, hope, and love.

Philosophy of Exploration:

Embracing "Know thyself" and the wisdom of wandering, Alisha champions self-discovery through creativity.

Community & Inspiration:

Alisha connects with fans online, sharing her artistic journey and celebrating the magic of storytelling.

Invitation to Adventure:

Through her work, Alisha encourages others to embark on journeys of imagination and self-discovery, reminding us of the wonders that await in the pages of a book or the stroke of a brush.

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