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Sabrina Roznowski

Reading is the magic key that opens the door to worlds unbounded by reality, where every page turned is an adventure waiting to whisper its secrets to the heart of the explorer within us.

Sabrina Roznowski merges her vibrant imagination with a passion for fantasy, inspired by the likes of John Gwynne, to enchant younger audiences with her debut novel, "Wrath of the Rhea." Embodying her own spirited personality in her characters, she aims to introduce readers to a world where flaws are celebrated and adventures abound.

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Author Sabrina Roznowski

Crafting Epic Fantasy for the Next Generation

Sabrina Roznowski, inspired by John Gwynne's "Malice," debuts with "Wrath of the Rhea," featuring Reyna, a protagonist embodying Sabrina’s own wild and flawed nature. Starting from elementary school dreams despite imposter syndrome, her journey to authorship highlights resilience and a dream-come-true partnership with TableTop Teaching. Now in her thirties but young at heart, Sabrina aims to weave historical elements, survival skills, and fantasy into her stories, offering readers escapism with a touch of reality. Her writing, capturing the vivid chaos and creativity of her imagination, seeks to transform readers from viewing reading as a chore to experiencing a profound journey, leaving them both exhilarated and grounded.

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