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Robbin Miller

"Through the eyes of a child, we learn the purest forms of resilience and hope. My stories aim to light that path, even when it winds through the shadows of grief and disappointment." - Robbin Miller

Robbin Miller, known for her impactful children's literature, introduces "Sammy's Special Hanukkah," an early reader chapter book that navigates the tender themes of grief and disappointment. Through Sammy's story, Miller offers a compassionate lens on coping with life's challenges during the festive season.


Championing Inclusion Through Children's Books

Robbin Miller's debut picture book, "Playgroup Time," is a heartfelt tale aimed at fostering inclusion and friendships among toddlers. Inspired by her son EJ's experience, it captures the essence of making new friends in playgroups. Her portfolio also includes "Three Best Friends" and her empowering memoir, "Breaking Barriers: A Girl's Dream to Play Little League Baseball," showcasing her dedication to inspiring young minds and breaking societal barriers.

Sammy's Collection

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