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Nikki Hope Cyrus

"Through the pages of my books, I aim to offer a mirror to families, reflecting the challenges they face and the strength they hold within. It's about turning every story into a bridge that connects, heals, and empowers." - Nikki Hope Cyrus

Emerging as a luminary in children’s literature, Nikki Hope Cyrus is celebrated for her poignant narratives addressing real-life complexities. As an Iranian-American author, her lifelong zeal for storytelling has blossomed into a profound commitment to crafting impactful tales for young readers.

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Author Nikki Hope Cyrus

Educator Turned Author Empowering Families

Nikki Hope Cyrus, evolving from teacher to college professor, channels her educational expertise into aiding families through challenges, illustrated in her book "Siblings Aren't Fun." Beyond writing, she values family moments, cooking, and nature. Her venture, Lemons & Literacy, offers Montessori-like activities for early literacy and sensory growth, reflecting her commitment to accessible education. Through this initiative and her writing, Nikki aims to support family dynamics and child development, drawing on her own experiences to enhance learning and understanding at home.

Children's Books

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