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Liz Bullard

Don’t wait until you're not afraid. Go scared.

Liz Bullard, author and podcast host, invites readers on empowering adventures filled with inspiration, imagination, and the lessons learned from her beloved corgi companion, Preston.

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Author Liz Bullard

Empowering Adventures

Liz Bullard, author of the Prophecy Trilogy and host of the award-nominated eReads Podcast, invites readers into her world of empowerment, inspiration, and adventure. From crafting fantasy adventures to sharing tales of her corgi companion, Preston, Liz's storytelling is infused with encouragement and positivity. Inspired by her favorite authors like James Patterson and Janet Evanovich, Liz believes in the power of writing to inspire and uplift, echoing the words of Louis L’Amour: "Start writing, no matter what." Through her stories and podcasts, Liz aims to leave a positive impact on the world, encouraging others to embrace their creativity and pursue their dreams with courage and determination.

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