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Linda Pistun

“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein

Linda Pistun, a visionary entrepreneur, accomplished writer, and dedicated scientist, calls Northern Virginia her home, where she lives her passions to the fullest. Alongside her trusty companion, the box turtle Darwin, Linda navigates the realms of science and creativity with boundless enthusiasm.

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Author Linda Pistun

Sparking Change with Science and Compassion

At five, Linda Pistun's math and science curiosity led her to found Linda’s Lab in 2017, focusing on mealworm protein to fight hunger and encourage girls in science. Based in Gainesville, Virginia, she’s an author, scientist, and entrepreneur, directing her foundation's profits to science. Her book, "Linda and the Mysterious Footprints," educates on environmental impact, supporting her lab's mission. Praised for her altruism, Linda's work extends to free local daycare readings, aiming to inspire young eco-guardians. Visit to discover Linda's journey and her book, fueling science education and change.

Linda's Collection

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