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Laurel Abell

Embrace the uniqueness of OCD; within its challenges lies the potential for extraordinary focus, creativity, and resilience, transforming it into a superpower of strength and insight.

"Laurel Abell, author of the upcoming children's book 'Even Steven,' empowers readers to see OCD not as a limitation, but as a superpower of resilience and understanding."

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Author Laurel Abell

Championing Inclusivity and Empathy Through Engaging Stories

Laurel Abell, a dedicated college professor with a lifelong love for writing, channels her boundless imagination and creativity into crafting engaging and inclusive reading material for children. With a passion for creating stories that are fun and relatable and serve as vehicles for empathy and understanding, Laurel's upcoming children's book 'Even Steven' promises to uplift and educate young readers about OCD with warmth and compassion.

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