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Kathryn Heasly

Science opens the door to a universe of wonders, inviting kids to step through and discover the magic hidden in everything from the stars above to the cells within.

Kathryn Heasly combines her rich background in biology and a decade of teaching experience to inspire young readers with her debut book, 'There are Cells for Everything!'.

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Author Katie Heasly

Igniting Young Minds with the Wonders of Science

Kathryn Heasly, passionate about sparking curiosity in science among youth, launches "There Are Cells for Everything!" after a decade of teaching in Northern Virginia and now consulting from home. A Christopher Newport University biology alum, she's also a dedicated Washington Nationals, Commanders, and Capitals fan, enjoys travel, reading, and walks with her dog, Luna. A proud Hufflepuff and Disney Annual Passholder, Kathryn champions the taste of fountain Diet Coke and seeks to impart her love and knowledge of science through her book, inspiring joy and fascination in readers.

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