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Glenda Keiper

The wonder in a child's mind is a boundless universe, where every question is a star waiting to be explored.

Glenda Keiper is a children's author whose adventurous life and deep love for storytelling infuse her works with magic, inviting young readers into worlds of wonder and discovery.

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Inspiration Through Life's Tapestry

Glenda Keiper, enriched by her Air Force family upbringing and various life roles, now thrives in Central Florida, drawing inspiration from her family and surroundings for her children's books. Her debut, *Tallulah and the Tree With Bright Green Leaves,* embodies her storytelling passion, revealing the extraordinary in everyday life. With a history of vivid imagination and a heart for children's narratives, Glenda crafts tales that explore curiosity, adventure, and the essence of belonging, resonating with readers of all ages.

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