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Eeha Bhatt

Award-Winning Author & Illustrator

Eeha Bhatt is a talented writer and artist who creates beautiful social-emotional books for children. Her stories are based on her own experiences and aim to inspire kids to be better with each step towards betterment. Eeha is a self-taught part-time artist and a full-time Japanese language interpreter/translator and teacher. She has won awards for her artwork and is currently located in Dallas, Texas, aspiring to be a full-time artist and story writer.

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Author & Illustrator Eeha Bhatt

Where Storytelling and Illustration Converge

Eeha is a talented author and illustrator with an impressive collection of books under her belt. Her unique style and creativity shine through in each of her works, making them a must-read for anyone who appreciates great storytelling and beautiful illustrations. Whether you're a fan of children's books or adult fiction, Eeha's books are sure to captivate and inspire you.

Moby's Collection

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