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Derrick Fleece

"You belong here! No matter how different we may look or feel, we all fit together in the beautiful puzzle of life."

Derrick Fleece, a Texas-based author and artist, intertwines life with family and creativity. With his wife Sonya and their kids, his journey blends storytelling, art, and a decade-long nursing career, now enhancing healthcare as a clinical informaticist. As "Doodles on Demand," Derrick excels in comics, children's books, and custom illustrations, reflecting his versatile talent and commitment to client visions.

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Author & Illustrator Derrick Fleece

Blending Art and Heart in Stories That Celebrate Uniqueness and Self-Acceptance

Derrick Fleece's artistry spans pencil, ink, watercolor, and digital mediums, fueled by his passion for comics. He embarked on visual storytelling with works like "Legends of Streaming" and "My Magic Boxing Gloves," diving into comics and children's illustrations. Collaborating with Derek Moreland, he's creating "Space is Awful" and the "Shmonster the Monster" series. "Miki's March," inspired by community stories, promotes self-acceptance and celebrates uniqueness, reflecting Derrick's belief in living for today and inspiring through creativity.

Miki's Collection

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