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The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium

Author: D.P. Leimgruber

Title: The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium

Published Date: February 25th, 2022


After the mysterious disappearance of their parents, the Sanctus children are assigned to the Tradium Boarding School, where magic is studied, but never truly practiced. Paul discovers a mystic book and his own magical gift, which may save the school and his younger siblings' lives. When a deadly plague breaches the castle walls, his sister must decide whether to use her own unique gifts to save the school and allow her family to pay the ultimate cost, or do nothing.

The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium is a tale full of unique supernatural gifts and the wisdom of great literature. Children of all ages will delight in this tale that the whole family can read together.

The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium is a thought-provoking page-turner through and through. It possesses the allegorical depth and complexity to challenge and entertain even the most advanced readers, yet the magical fairytale-like plot that captures and delights the imaginations of children. The short stories and poems within the book are true masterpieces, beautifully crafted and worthy of their own accord to be stand-alone tales. In a fun and light-hearted manner, Leimgruber manages to convey deep spiritual truths of enough gravity to sober those who pause to ponder them. This book is a rare gem to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.” -Anna Gehring

Interview with Author D.P. Leimgruber

Inspiration Behind the Book

We sat down with author D.P. Leimgruber to find out our most pressing questions about his novel. When we asked him about the inspiration behind the book the answer was simple, his children.

"I am in the habit of reading a bedtime story to my children, and that tradition threatened to be broken when I had to travel to the other side of the world for a week. Because of the trip and the timezone difference, I couldn’t reliably read to all of my children every day. I wrote a chapter as a bedtime story for each night that I would be gone for them to read in my absence. A few chapters in, they figured out that I had written each of them into the story. When I returned home, I kept writing until it turned into a full-sized novel." Leimgruber explained.

Trials and Tribulations

Every author experiences difficulties at some point during the book creation process. Leimgruber stated the writing part was a joy, but the publishing process made it difficult for him to desire traditional publishing. This is why the brave author chose to self-publish instead. According to Leimgruber, "The big publishing companies market down to middle-grade readers, but I wanted to keep depth and vocabulary that would bring young minds to greater things and give the whole family something worth discussing."

Coming Out the Other End

On the flip side, Leimgruber found that after self-publishing, the experience was an incredible one, "Sharing my work with children and families through classroom visits, reviewers, and reading it again with my own children has been uplifting."


While his children were the main influence and inspiration that shaped his book, there were something literary works that also influence the author. Leimgruber's literary influences included The Wingfeather Saga, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Green Ember. If you love these books, you will certainly enjoy The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium.

Author Bio

D. P. Leimgruber is the author of The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium, the first in a planned series of middle-grade fantasy novels. It is the ideal read-aloud story for the whole family, and an enchanting solo read for adults who love classics like The Chronicles of Narnia.

When he’s not writing classic tales, he is teaching at Three Oaks Christian School in Decatur, Indiana, he lives in the middle of cornfields with the wife of his youth and five children.

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