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The Only Dinosaur Book You Will Ever Need

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

“Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument” is a smash hit across the U.S. Children are thrilled to take this book home. Terry has become a story time favorite, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Between the touching message and dinosaur facts at the back of the book, this is the only dinosaur book your will ever need.

Intended for ages 4 to 12 years, “Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument” is making waves on younger and older audiences alike.

As reviews continue to come in, “Terry” continues to delight audiences all over the U.S. Children can see themselves in the colorful characters on the book’s pages. They can even think of times they were in Terry’s situation. As a result, children of all backgrounds love the Palosaur Pals.

The overjoyed creators of the book are ecstatic at the response from their readers. People everywhere are in love with the illustrations and touching story.

One word that describes Terry is “fun”. “Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets an Instrument”. It conveys a deep message of self-love, the importance of friendship, and understanding that no one is perfect. Yet, with such a deep message, the book is fun and full of life and color.

One book isn’t enough for many readers. “Terry” becomes a gift to other loved ones in the family. Once one child in the family loves the book, it will be difficult to not get a copy for others.

Read the only dinosaur book you’ll ever need

Want to know what everyone is raving about? Watch this video reading of the book. Then get a copy to support this small Indie author and illustrator.


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