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The Heart of an Educator

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

A Letter of Encouragement for Educators

Written by Demetria Davis

Dear Esteemed Educators,

My wish for your, as educators, comes deep from within the “Heart of a Servant”, who has worked with children from all walk of life, backgrounds, and situations.

I hope this letter gives you the encouragement you need in these trying times as educators.

Over the years I’ve seen first hand how much our students from the preschool years all the way through twelfth grade, need someone to be truly there for them, with all their heart and soul.

I was recently interviewed as the North Carolina Mother of the Year for the American Mothers Inc., and I was asked, “What is surprising about being a mother?”

My answer was, all of my children are not the same and they amaze me daily. Dealing with my kids is a learning lesson day by day and hour by hour. The same aspect applies to our students in our schools.

Building a Lasting Relationship with Your Students

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate stressful situations with our students. Our students come from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and so much more. As an educator, our core inner being must illuminate the nurturer inside and seek to find different ways to connect with our students.

Taking time to really pay attention to our students and discern where they are in the moment can add lasting impressions and impart encouragement.

I’ve crossed the paths of many students from different backgrounds. The one thing I desired to do was to listen by ear, with my eyes, and with my spirit as to what that student needed. Recently a student messaged me to tell me that they appreciated the time I took to understand them. It encouraged them and reminded them to stay true to themselves in times they may have wanted to act out of character.

I just want to send encouragement to all of the educators, parents, adults and people that have young people looking to you for guidance.

Do not stop fighting. Stay the course. Remember that you may be that saving grace, just as someone once was for you. Keep this in your heart and your students will know it in their hearts, you truly care.

Caring is a gift that many students haven’t received before, and they need that genuine love and guidance as they enter your classrooms. You never know how you may change their lives.

About the Author

Demetria Davis, a native of Fayetteville, NC, graduated from Terry Sanford High School in 1998, she earned a full Athletic Scholarship to the University of South Carolina, where she majored in exercise science.  She pursued a professional track and field career endorsed by NIKE where she traveled to over 13 countries competing for the United States. She earned gold medal in the 2003 world championships, in Paris, France, among many other accomplishments. 

Demetria returned to Terry Sanford High School in 2016 as the Safe School Coordinator in 2016 and managed the USA world championship teams for track and field. Here she worked with, supported, and built relationships with students who needed a person to see and know them.

She is married to Pastor Christopher Davis, a retired Army Captain, who received a bronze star and Purple Heart honors for his brave efforts while serving his country. They have been married for 12 years and have 5 kids and 1 granddaughter. They are the Pastors of Force of Life International Fayetteville. 

Demetria is a member of the Fayetteville -Cumberland County parks and recreation advisory board and The Fayetteville Sports Hall of Fame. 

She is the current 2021 Mrs. South Carolina International.  In July, she participated in the Mrs. International pageant where she placed 1st runner up in her first international pageant. 

Demetria recently launched her private Chef and Catering business, Dee’s Champion Cuisine, where her motto is, “Cuisine with a Champion Flare…It’s a Lifestyle.”

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