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Tempest the Turtle

Updated: May 7, 2022

Tempest the Turtle, released in January of 2022. It’s a cute little tale of Tempest (a Turtle of course) who has the best life. But one day her little girl isn’t at home. Instead of waiting patiently for her return, Tempest embarks on a harrowing misadventure to find a new friend only to discover that if she’d just waited, she’d have gotten what she wanted.

This marvelous tale is written by Victoria Hyla Maldonado. We asked Victoria to give us the scoop on how this story was created.

What do you hope kids or readers get from your story? What is the message to kids and parents?

“I hope that readers have fun with the adventure but also learn a bit about having patience and trusting in the people that love us most. I also want kids and parents to reflect on the meaning of companionship and true friendship and joy.”

What inspired your story?

“My daughter, Mika, who is actually illustrated into the story, was the inspiration for this book. She asked me to write a story about a turtle finding friends, and it turned into this lovely story about patience and friendship.”

What was the hardest part of your journey creating this book?

“The hardest part was really making sure the illustrations of the little girl were on point. It’s actually my daughter in the book, and the artist did a marvelous job of capturing her. But we had to do a photoshoot with my daughter and son to make sure we got the body positioning right so the artist could have a point of reference. It was new, but it was fun.”

What was the most inspiring part of your journey in creating this book?

“I think getting to collaborate with my daughter (6 years old) and giving her some decision-making power was really inspiring. She’s so proud of the book and her part in it. Much of the room décor was her choice as was the name of the second turtle. It’s cool that she helped me create it.”

Who helped or inspired you through your journey as an author?

“As an author in general, a lot of people have inspired me, including family and friends, but I wouldn’t be a children’s book author without the push from a Romanian author friend of mine, Irina Dumitru, who suggested I give in a try. I’m so grateful she put the idea in my head. It’s so much fun.”

Mika played with her every day. Their games were so much fun—from “tap and chomp” and “air swim” to “peek-a-boo” and “run.” From Tempest the Turtle

Victoria Hyla Maldonado is the author of the children’s books, “Bartleby the Brave” (“Miedosin el Valiente” en español), “Tears for the Butterfly,” “Monstery Donstery Dock,” and “Tempest the Turtle.” She is also the author (as Victoria J. Hyla) of the substantive women’s fiction Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy (“In Death We Part,” “Running in the Mists,” “Awake in Elysian Fields”) as well as several short stories in various adult genres. She has been writing all her life and has worked professionally as a writer and editor for more than 20 years. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children and is working on a new romance series as well as several other short stories and more children’s books.

You can find this book and more from Victoria Hyla Maldonado at the links below!


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