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Tabletop Publishing: Spreading Joy and Literature to Marine Corps Families this Veteran's Day

Tabletop Publishing, an independent publishing company known for its inclusive and engaging storytelling, recently orchestrated a heartwarming family event for Marine Corps families stationed at Camp Lejeune. The company donated more than 30 copies of the enchanting tale, "Moby Plays the Flute," written and illustrated by talented Tabletop author, Eeha Bhatt.

"Moby Plays the Flute" revolves around the captivating journey of Moby, the daughter of a United States Marine, who grapples with unraveling the mystery behind her father's going away gift - a bamboo flute. As military spouses themselves, the co-founders of Tabletop Publishing, Kate and Jessica, were moved by the notion of giving back to the military community, especially during the poignant week of Veterans Day.

The event, which was organized by Tabletop, offered a plethora of engaging activities for the families, including immersive video readings from various Tabletop authors, a live story time, and an interactive "Story Walk" showcasing an array of Tabletop's finest literary works. Participants were also treated to fun freebies, a book signing, and an array of surprises, making the day a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

Expressing heartfelt gratitude to the authors who contributed their time and creativity to make the event exceptional, the Tabletop team conveyed their sincere appreciation to the military families for their unwavering dedication and sacrifice. The event served as a poignant reminder of the power of literature to unite communities and uplift spirits, especially during challenging times.

As the echoes of joy and camaraderie continue to reverberate, Tabletop Publishing remains committed to fostering a culture of compassion and camaraderie, emphasizing the profound impact of literature. Stating, "It brings people together and fosters a sense of belonging." Through their unwavering dedication to spreading joy and literary enrichment, Tabletop Publishing has set a remarkable example for the industry, showcasing the transformative power of storytelling in fostering empathy and understanding within communities.


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