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Tabletop Publishing's September Triumph: Books Now Available at Local Bookstores

[Raleigh, NC] — Tabletop Publishing, the renowned champion of struggling readers and lovers of literature, is celebrating a remarkable milestone this September. After a period of exceptional growth, Tabletop Publishing is thrilled to announce that their books, designed to make reading an enjoyable experience for all, are now available on the shelves of esteemed bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, Politics and Prose, and numerous independent bookshops.

Titles that are hitting shelves include “Moby Plays the Flute”, a two-time award-winning picture book, “Terry Tyrannosaurus Gets An Instrument”, and the acclaimed STEM children’s book “Linda and the Mysterious Footprints”. Tabletop began as an online venture with a passion for transforming struggling readers into ardent book lovers and has evolved into a nationwide movement. Tabletop Publishing's journey has been marked by dedication, inclusivity, and a deep commitment to fostering a love for reading among children of all backgrounds.

"We are overjoyed to bring our books to the physical bookshelves of these esteemed bookstores," said Jessica Senesac, co-founder of Tabletop Publishing. "This expansion represents a significant step toward making quality reading materials accessible to even more young readers. It's a dream come true for us."

Tabletop Publishing's innovative approach to publishing combines thoughtful page design, captivating storytelling, and inclusive illustrations to create books that resonate with diverse readers, including neurodiverse children and those who struggle with reading.

The decision to expand beyond their online presence aligns with Tabletop Publishing's mission to impact children's lives nationwide positively. By partnering with well-established bookstores, they can reach a broader audience, ensuring that their books find their way into the hands of even more young readers.

Bookshops have embraced Tabletop Publishing's books with open arms, recognizing the value they bring to their young customers and their communities. These partnerships mark a significant achievement for the company and a testament to the impact they are making in the world of children's literature.

As part of their continued commitment to nurturing young readers, Tabletop Publishing has also expanded their presence in local communities with book signings, author events, and book readings. This allows children and families to engage directly with the authors and illustrators behind the books they love.

To explore the diverse range of books that Tabletop Publishing offers or to find a local bookstore carrying their titles, please visit


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