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Prehistoria Jazz Band Makes All-State

Hey Dino Dig Fans! Peter Parasaurolophus here with some exciting news. After a year of preparation and hard work, our school's Jazz Band led by Mr. Iguanodon is going to the state competition!

As you all know, I play the trumpet. It takes a ton of time and practice to not sound like a dying wooly mammoth. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the dedication and patience of our teacher, as well as each other.

Every day we start band class by supporting one another. We work as a team to hear each other's cues and learn from one another to create music that people can truly enjoy.

The next time you see one of our Jazz Band members, please give them a quick congratulations. And if you're interested in learning an instrument of your own, remember it takes time to sound good. It took me an entire year before my trumpet stopped screeching when I tried to play it (thanks mom for being patient with me). But, if you stick with it, you'll be so happy with what you are able to accomplish. The first time you can play a real song is the best feeling in the world. So have patience, practice each day, and don't give up. It's well worth the time and effort once you can really play your new instrument!

Get started on your musical journey by downloading this free activity: Instrument Sorting with Peter Parasaurolophus

Instrument Sorting with Peter Parasaurolophus
Download PDF • 387KB


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