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Palosaur Tales Character Introduction: DANNY DILOPHOSAURUS

Updated: May 18, 2022

Danny Dilophosaurus loves to think of herself as the princess of Prehistoria. She loves wearing her tiara, but is not afraid to jump in the mud and get dirty. She also runs track at Triassic Terrace Primary School. When she’s not running around on the track, she loves to play dress up. And her favorite thing to do is to pretend she’s a fashion designer. She even gives her artwork to Mrs. Brachiosaurus for her boutique.

Dilophosaurus Facts

The real dilophosaurus lived in the Early Jurassic Period 190 million years ago. Dilophosaurus is in the same genus as Tyrannosaurus, they are both theropods. This means they both stood on two legs and had three toes on each foot. Dilophosaurus was a fast moving carnivore, meaning they ate meat from other animals.

Dilophosaurus had the same special shape in their upper jaw that today’s crocodiles have. Why? It could have been because dilophosaurus only ate certain types of animals. Or it’s possible the jaw shape allowed them to grab and hold onto their prey as its primary form of attack.

Dilophosaurus has two uniquely shaped crests on the top of it’s head. As for size, they were much bigger than the ones in the Jurassic Park movies. Dilophosaurus was twenty three feet in length. It weighed in at a whopping 880 pounds on average. Also unlike the movies, dilophosaurus did not spit poison or have a neck frill.

This large theropod was be found in parts of North America and Asia. The best preserved fossils were found in Arizona, in the United States in 1942. We haven’t truly known much about dilophosaurus for very long have we?

Dilophosaurus Racing Activity

Race time! Dilophosaurus was known for its speed. It could run about 20 miles per hour! Get a toy that will be your “prey” or mark a spot for your finish line. Have a grown up time how fast you are starting on one side of the room to getting to your prey, or the other side of the room. This activity can also be done outside. You’re now a dilophosaurus. Record your time on the sheet provided. Have fun completing the Danny Dilophosaurus Maze in the free downloadable pdf below.

Download PDF • 1.95MB


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