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Meet the Author: Take a Deep Breath

Meet the Author of "Take A Deep Breath"

Take a Deep Breath, written by Kristen Schmitt, is a partial rhyming children's book, with real and magical snippets showcasing why we take deep breaths. Especially when things don't quite go our way!

Kristen Schmitt is a children's book author, a small business consultant/educator, and facilitator. Kristen lives in the Arkansas Ozarks. She is currently working on a Metaphysical Sci-Fi novel.

Kristen explained that the main message in this story is "to help kids learn how to stop, and take a deep breath in certain, perhaps uncomfortable situations - breathwork is perfect for children and adults alike."

Kristen told us her inspiration for her story, "I witnessed unusual behavior from kids during COVID - watched them have a hard time with all the new rules and changes that were happening around them," she said. "I didn't see healthy coping mechanisms, or parents knowing how to comfort their kiddos."

While many authors enjoy the writing process, there are often difficulties after the words find themselves on the page. Kristen says working with the illustrator was challenging for her.

Showcasing a diverse group of kids throughout the pages was important for Kristen as this story came to life. "It is something I feel is lacking in the kid's book market."

We asked who helped inspire Kristen during this journey, "Too many to choose, but here are a few: Don Migual Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay."

"Take a Deep Breath when you burn your toast, take another deep breath when you see a ghost!" from Take a Deep Breath

For every 5 books that are sold, 1 is donated to a children's charity!


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