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Meet the Author: Dr. Tee-Tee "Together til the End Ife's Incredible Friends"

Dr. Tee-Tee is an early career pediatrician (still in residency) who loves children of all ages, learning about different cultures, and writing stories that make people laugh, think, and learn how to be good to themselves and to others.

A lover of education, Dr. Tee-Tee is a proud alumna of Ben Davis High School (2008), DePauw University (2012), Butler University (MS Pharm Science, 2014), and her medical school degree at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (2020).

Her time as an AmeriCorps volunteer in 2013-2014 is what jumpstarted her desire to use her voice, time, and talents to give back to her community and help be a bridge between the healthcare field and underserved populations.

An avid reader, Dr. Tee-Tee’s guilty pleasure and secret talent is reading children’s books and biography books while simultaneously navigating a shopping cart in grocery stores without hitting anybody or anything.

"My mom named me Ife because I have lots of love to give. I share that love with the world, no matter where they live."

Dr. Tee-Tee is the author of "Together til the End Ife's Incredible Friends", recently published on April 22nd of 2022.

About the Book

Ife is a Nigerian-American girl whose ordinary days turn into unforgettable adventures. In the book Together til the END: Ife’s Incredible Friends it is Ife’s first day in school and she meets several new friends; but will a misunderstanding with Wohali and an encounter with the Brute Twins make her lose the friends she has made?

This first book in the Ife Adventure series engages the reader as they learn what it means to not just be a friend but an INCREDIBLE friend. One who listens, forgives, tries new things, and stands up for others and for themselves.

The Inspiration Behind the Book

Dr. Tee-Tee explained that her childhood inspired the story. "I consider this book series a semi-autobiography of my childhood."

She also stated that she designed to showcase more Native people in children's books. Showcasing more culturally diverse groups have long been a gap in the book industry. "I currently live in Oklahoma and I realized that there aren't many children's books that have a Native American character."

Her love for children and desire to mentor and encourage them in and out of the pediatric clinic also played a part in this incredible book series.

The Messages In this Story

Many lessons can be found in Together til the END: Ife’s Incredible Friends.

  • It is okay to ask questions and to be curious, but HOW you ask questions can make a person feel accepted or made fun of.

  • Sometimes things we read in books or see on TV can give us wrong information about people, a culture, language, or a group of people. This is why it is important to ask questions kindly and not assume things about people.

  • Sometimes you may ask a question that hurts someone's feelings. When you see that you may have hurt someone's feelings listen to them, and be brave enough to say the words "I'm sorry". The words "I'm sorry" can go a long way in mending a friendship. It is okay to make mistakes, but it is important to learn from your mistakes so that you can be a better person.

  • Sometimes people are just mean and weirdly find pleasure in making others upset. We call those people bullies. Stand up for your friends just like you would want someone to stand up for you, in a calm and respectful way.

  • Sometimes even when you stand up to a bully, they won't agree with you or apologize. It is important to always try to tell the bully why what they said or did was wrong, but don't be upset or fight them if they don't want to listen to you. Stay calm and realize that there are mean people in the world, and there are also nice people. Focus more on being friends with positive, nice people and learning from them.

  • Being an incredible Friend means that you listen, learn from, and forgive your friends.

For parents, I want this book to help you teach your children about kindness, anti-bullying, and the beauty of diverse cultures and customs.

The Struggles

Dr. Tee-Tee admits that the process to publish a book is not as easy as it may seem. Creating a book can be expensive. And the process of copywriting your work is filled with time-consuming obstacles.

But it can be very rewarding as well. Working with her illustrator, who was also a childhood friend, was one of the most exciting parts for Dr. Tee-Tee. She explained that having the characters come alive on the page was an inspiring endeavor.

The Support of Friends and Family

Dr. Tee-Tee told us that her friends and family were instrumental in helping her reach her goal of publishing her book. "Their love and encouragement were what pushed me to succeed."

Website: React App ( Facebook account: Tee-Tee's Ife Books


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