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Meet Moby! Time to Color, Play, and Learn

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Today's kid corner activity includes details about children's book character, Moby, from "Moby Plays the Flute" and some fun activities with Moby.

Moby Plays the Flute releases September 2022

Moby is a kid, just like you! She goes to school and loves music. Moby's father is in the United States Marine Corps which means that sometimes he has to go away for a long time.

In school, Moby has trouble wanting to work hard and do her homework. But, over time she learns how to work hard, have patience, and learns to like her studies in school.

Do you play an instrument?

In her book, Moby learns to play a bamboo flute. It takes time, patience, and lots of practice. If you're thinking about learning an instrument, remember that even though it's hard don't stop trying because with great effort comes great success.

Try this coloring page from Moby Plays the Flute!

Moby Coloring Pages
Download PDF • 665KB

Do you like school?

Moby didn't always like school. Today she absolutely loves to learn, study, and work hard. School is a great place to learn new things and make new friends.

"Effort comes from strong determination, having a goal, and putting in hard work. All of this is ignited by believing in yourself! And now Moby knows and she believes." -Moby Plays the Flute

Time to Play!

Download the activity, print it out, and have fun with Moby!

Moby Kids Corner Activities
Download PDF • 2.19MB

Want to learn more about Moby?

Bring Moby into your home. Be the first to have Moby around for your next storytime. Click the link below to learn more!


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