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Indie Author Spotlight: Mrs. Inglebert's Trip to the Farm by Diana Savoia-Mastroieni

Diana Savoia-Mastroieni, the author of Mrs. Inglebert’s Trip to the Farm, shares a little about her experience publishing her book.

Mrs. Inglebert is excited to take her class on a fun trip to the farm, but she didn’t expect so many things to go wrong…

This story is entertaining for kids and adults alike. Enjoy a little laughter together with this fun story.

Diana was inspired to write this story after taking her class at St.

Anne’s school in Brampton, Ontario, to a trip to the farm in 1998.

The hardest part of Diana's publishing journey was finding an affordable way to

publish her book. In 1998, publishing was expensive.

At the time, I was paying back my student loans; therefore, I put my dream of publishing a book on hold.

During the pandemic, Diana explored her options to self-publish. After finding an editor and illustrator she was ready to take the plunge.

When Diana started working with her illustrator, Eleonora Cali from Italy, she was blown away by the art. Seeing a story come to life one illustration at a time is like nothing else.

Diana says she is fortunate to have many people in her life who supported her desire to write.

"My husband John, my brother Robby and my best friend, Hiba have always supported me by listening to my story, giving me feedback and encouraging me to publish my book," she stated.

Diana was also inspired by her high school English teacher, Mr. Warren, who believed in her abilities.

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