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Incorporate Movement and Music into Learning

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

One resource that parents and educators can utilize or take inspiration from at home and in the class is "Kids Freeze Dance". Created by "Jay on the Drums", an educator who saw a unique opportunity during the 2022 pandemic, Kids Freeze Dance teaches children math, reading, and several other topics through music and movement.

Importance of Movement in Learning

What Jay teaches us as adults is that ANYTHING we want to teach our kids can become a dance and movement opportunity. The importance of incorporating movement into learning is that it solidifies and reinforces learning. When a concept is coupled with a movement, the brain is more likely to retain the information.

At Tabletop Publishing, we strive to consider all the types of ways people learn and try to incorporate those things into our educational tips, tricks, and content. This is because as parents and former educators we take to heart the needs of all our learners.


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