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At the dawn of time the dinosaurs rose from the sea. Over thousands of years our teeth changed shape. Our instincts adapted to the land. At the beginning of the Triassic Period, we were creatures that fought to live in the harsh environment of those early times.

As time passed, our basic instinct became more complex. We soon learned to think, question, and show empathy for others. This would be key to our later survival.

The Great Devastation

Thanks to our new found intelligence during the Jurassic Period, every dinosaur in the Cretaceous Period survived what scientists now call, “The Great Devastation”. While other species went through mass extinction throughout the Mesozoic Era, the dinosaurs did not and reigned supreme. We had to work together, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores alike, to ensure our continued survival when the giant meteor hit Earth.

Thanks to our new sense of community, dinosaurs learned to farm other animals for food, clothing, and basic new forms of housing. As the Age of Agriculture was in full swing, dinosaurs began making settlements that would later form into towns and cities.

The Founding of Prehistoria

Prehistoria was founded in the summer of 1002 A.G.D. Just over one thousands year after “The Great Devastation”. Our town hall was first erected that year. Our founding dinosaurs created our town’s laws and constitution. This would establish how we elect our mayor and other town official every five years. These also formed the guidelines for the rules we still follow today.

Over the following decade our primary K through 12 grade school was built. At the same time all of downtown’s building structures were built with a few exceptions to our newer buildings. We still use those very same structures today, many with the same purpose. The families who began the shops a few hundred years ago, still have their descendants owning and running them today.

One hundred years after the construction of most of our town’s buildings were complete, we entered “The Age of Technology”. Our town’s inventors were exploding with new ideas. The creation of our transportation center was built during this time. At the core of Prehistoria’s values set forth in our constitution, we uphold the protection of our environment very highly. This ensured that all our new technology was safe and eco-friendly when it was created. This is why our trains continue to use a pulley system instead of fossil fuels or coal.

I hope you’ve found this quick history of Prehistoria interesting. Mrs. Chasmosaurus asked that I try to summarize this history as best I could. She thought my previous more detailed article of only100 pages was too long. If you’d like the full version of my “History of Prehistoria” article, let me know!

Thanks for reading friends,

Braxton Brachiosaurus


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