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Building a Love of Writing: Ages 3 to 8

Updated: May 7, 2022

During this article, we will go over different options for building a love of reading based on age and ability level. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that writing needs to be FUN. Finding topics your child loves, no matter the age is important. You can skip ahead to the age your child is currently at, and learn more ways about helping your child build a love of writing.

Ages 1-3

Begin with coloring, finger painting, and talking about what’s on the picture or what is happening in their artwork. By first focusing on “telling” the story, you will build a foundation for kids to later build a love of writing, as well as reading. Anything that builds fine motor skills will be a great way to later set your child up for success with writing. Playing games, building blocks, picking up cereal, painting, drawing, etc. all will be great fun and help your child later when it’s time to learn to write.

Ages 3-5

Download our free activity above for the ocean life lover in your world. Download, print, and play, it is that easy.

Your child may show an interest in learning their letters to learn to read and write as early as age 3. One way to make writing practice fun is to pair your child’s interests with the letter and a coloring sheet. You can also make it into a game.

One resource that is perfect for building a love of writing starting as early as age 3 is the “My Little Writer’s Workbook”. It incorporates colorful images, fun activities, letter writing, drawing moments, and coloring moments. It’s perfect for young students.

Little Writer’s will help with giving students options for their writing practice. We recommend adding in personalized learning with this book, allowing kids to choose their letter, and giving them a brain break as needed.

My Little Writer’s Workbook

Ages 4-7

One thing to consider is that your child may need additional support with their writing. It may be because they struggle to enjoy writing, or they excel in it. This is why we love “My Little Storyteller’s Workbook”.

Giving your child modifications such as word banks, sentence starters, and word tracing will help give them the confidence they need to write. Add in personalizable prompts, and you’re set up for success.

The prompts in “Little Storyteller’s” give kids an opportunity to write a story based on what THEY think is happening. By showing a colorful, engaging, picture kids get to say what’s happening. Or they can draw their own images and finish the pre-written stories by ending them the way they see fit. This gives your child “voice and choice”. An opportunity to have a say in what they write and how they write it.

At these ages, incorporating imagination, choices, and creativity is key to making writing FUN.

My Little Storyteller’s Workbook

Ages 5-8

Once your child is ready to move from basic sentences to beginning to write fully-fledged stories, try “My Little Author’s Workbook”.

As we’ve said before, it’s important to give your child choices when it comes to writing, this workbook will do just that. With colorful, engaging, fun images and prompts, “My Little Author’s Workbook” gives your child all that and more.

Find ways to inspire your child’s imagination and creativity. They can write about topics they love. Or, they can work on a story about their day. Your prompts and activities by the time they are in second grade will move forward and become more detailed.

Allow your child to illustrate their stories and journals for a more creative, personalized moment. This will inspire your child to love writing.

My Little Author’s Workbook


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